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MTV's Teen Mom

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After finding out I was pregnant with baby number three I was in shock, this was Not supposed to happen! I felt like a sixteen year old junior in high school who just found out she was pregnant by her no good drop out boyfriend.  Thus  began my total obsession with MTV's reality show Teen Mom.  

I have always known this show existed, it is of course the spin-off of the popular but controversial Sixteen and Pregnant, yet I never really took the time to watch it, I guess because before I felt like well I really couldn't relate.  Then again, I can't relate now either...but I digress.  

The show much like its counterparts is emotional reality tv that borderlines some resemblance of truth.  I have found not only the show to be of great interest but the relationships that each girl has with the father of their children has proven to be consuming if you will.  Its like watching a soap opera at night starring teenage girls.  

For Teen Mom viewers you know exactly what I mean.  Gary and Amber are reminiscent of something from Days of Our Lives, a toxic love/hate relationship with a toddler in the middle.  He seems to be a bit of a slacker but a great dad and she seems to be a bit of well...I'm not sure I have words for what she is, but she's a teenager and all things considered I think that just about sums it up.  

Maci, Ryan and Bentley (love that name) are a court date away from a custody agreement turned ugly...not sure if her moving helped or hurt their parental relationship but that is to be determined.  

Catelynn and Tyler now here is a love triangle for you, Catelynn's mom and Tyler's dad are husband and wife, making them half brother and sister who also have a child together that is adopted by another couple....did I get that right? Stepdad is locked up, mom is a total mess and both kiddos are pretty much having to raise themselves, I think their choice of adoption was a good one. 

 Then there is Farrah (love her name too) and her beautiful baby girl Sophia, I feel sorry for her but not in a I feel sorry for you kind of way....not sure what that means. She seems to be a good mom but really lacks skills in communication..cue her mother, who she doesn't get along with but is very much like.  Then again, we have to go back to the fact that she is well...a teenager and still finding herself.  

This show is clearly about teaching other young mothers a lesson, or at least I hope that is the purpose, that being a teenage mother is not easy and "like oh so not cool"(do teenagers still do valley girl talk..I am so out of touch)!  Its sensationalized a bit but I think the average teenager can pretty much get the point.  I sure hope they do because being a mommy is hard enough without pimples and prom! 

Drop me a line and tell me what you think of Teen Mom, do you like the show why/why not?

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