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Dance Class

It's important to acknowledge the life moments that are pure joy. Often, they are fleeting and quickly forgotten in the continuous rush of the day. It's only after the fact that we can look back and relish the happiness.

I had one of these moments, last week.

My little girl had her first dance class.

I was a dancer. My mom has pictures of me, in my first leotard, posing in our backyard, holding my tap shoes. As I stood behind the camera lens, last week, taking a nearly identical photo of my daughter, I was wise enough to appreciate the event.

As my sweet girl willingly strolled into the dance studio and smiled at herself in the wall-sized mirror, I was transported back to my own little girl experiences. As she looked up in wonder at her beautiful dance teacher and began to twirl and fly, I watched her face. I watched her eyes, I watched her smile and I simply enjoyed the experience.

She was glowing. She was proud of herself. She felt like a "big girl." She was happy.

What a gift it was to have been there, with her. Quite a moment.