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A "Glee"ful evening

I am happy, no...I am gleeful that the new season of Glee starts tonight.

The acerbic wit and heartfelt songs are just pure fun and it usually puts a smile on my face.

And it is a show that I can share with my kids, sort of.

The material in the plots of Glee are definitely too grown-up for my six- and nine-year-old kids. Which is why they usually aren't allowed to watch all the stuff that is said in between the songs. (Thank goodness for the DVR.)

But the music that they use in Glee has gotten my kids interested in artists that they probably wouldn't know otherwise. Aerosmith's Dream On. Merrill and Styne's Don't Rain on My Parade. Burt Bacharach's One Less Bell to Answer.

Not to mention, we have several Glee CDs now that my kids and I can all sing-a-long to in the car. (Who knew that a Journey medley could be so cheerful?)

So I am excited about tonight. To hear the new songs that I'm going to be able to share with my kids.