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Separation anxiety

I never complain about my daughter doing things to show me how much she loves me: putting her arms out to be held, smiling at me when I get her out of her crib in the morning, but there is one thing I could do without. Separation anxiety. She screams just about every time I leave her behind. For awhile she would start crying as soon as I walked out of the room, even if we were at home and I was just running to the kitchen to grab something. So at least she’s gotten over that. But leaving her to go to work almost breaks my heart because she screams as soon as I walk away! Now, she always recovers quickly and is happy as can be while I’m away. But the initial tears are so very sad.

We just recently started taking her to the “kid care” at our gym. A year into this parenting thing, my husband and I decided we really need to start exercising again! The first two times went terribly. They had to come and get us because she wouldn’t calm down. But now we’re going on four trips where she’s been pretty happy while we spent 30 minutes or so working out. She always wails as we walk out the door, but at least she recovers enough so the kind people watching her don’t have to hunt mom and dad down.

I’m sure looking forward to the days where my daughter doesn’t mind being away from mom and dad. Now I don’t want her to be EXCITED to be away from us, but I could do without the heart-breaking tears each and every time. We consider ourselves very lucky that she spends most of her time with mom, dad or one other primary caregiver. I suspect this has something to do with her being so attached to the few people she’s often around. But hopefully with time this will all get a little easier.