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Mom is Tired!

The culmulative effect of four weeks of Kindergarten seems not to be impacting my Kindergartener, but is impacting ME.

There is so much emphasis placed on the child's adjustment to "real school," that I'm afraid the mom's adjustment is overlooked. It's not the adjustment to the schedule, homework, new school that's the problem, it's the adjustment to my level of exhaustion!

How is it that, with only the one change of school for one child, my whole groove is gone? Everything else on our schedule is the, dance class, baseball, church....and yet, it's ALL more work.

I'm up later, trying to prepare for the next day.

It takes longer, because I'm tired.

I'm staying tired, because I'm up later, trying to get prepared.

Obviously, this is a cycle that needs to stop. Meanwhile, happily, my Kindergartener seems fine. Recess rocks. Buying hot lunch is cool. Checking out library books is big fun. Back at home, I'm already forgetting to send apples for the Apple Unit and misunderstanding which day is for show-and-tell. These are things that I am usually successful at remembering. I am appalled to have become "one of those moms" who cannot quite get it together.

I'm blaming it on lack of sleep and rest. I'm hoping that if I can just get through September, I might find my lost groove again and reclaim my organized-self.

I miss her!