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Breastfeeding is the New Black

I'm riding in the car the other day listening to my favorite radio station when following the soothing and soulful sounds of Maxwell comes a commercial about breastfeeding.  I am stunned, when did breastfeeding become such a big deal that it requires radio advertising?  

Again, about a week later I settle in to watch television and there again is a televised commercial about, yep you guessed it has really become a "hot topic"!

Apparently breastfeeding is the new black, everyone from Kim Khardashian to Gisele Bundchen is talking about it! I have read more articles on breastfeeding in major new outlets in the last month than I would care to mention and everyone, everywhere has an opinion.  There is the breastfeeding moms vs the nonbreastfeeding moms (like we need another reason to start mommy wars) the World Health Organization, Womens Health Organization, La Leche League and the list goes on and on.  

So what is the new found fascination with this age old tradition, women have been breastfeeding their children since the beginning of time, I mean it is right up there with Christ dying on the cross and other words this is nothing new.  But there is an adage that says there is nothing new under the sun and so it is with breastfeeding.  

We are finally catching on to the true benefits of breastfeeding, particularly in the African American community where only about 50% of women breastfeed their babies exclusively to 6 months of age. We are now learning about not only the true benefits for baby but for mommy also, such as preventing breast cancer which strikes some 65% of African American women.  

As a mom who has and is currently breastfeeding I can tell you it was not high on my list of things I couldn't wait to do.  However, after being truly educated through classes and the assistance of lactation consultants, I understood that I am truly contributing to the well-being of my child's future and it doesn't cost me a thing.  It is better than play dates and expensive private schools and it is natural.  

Now that I am breastfeeding baby #3 it has become somewhat magical if you will, just understanding how amazing the make up our bodies are that it can nurture another life inside and outside of the womb.  The beauty of it all is unmeasurable almost euphoric.  

This is the place where being a woman distinguishes you from everyone else, you are esteemed and highly regarded.  Giving life, giving nutrients, giving substance. Make it a great Day!