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What's in a school?

My husband and I recently discussed moving to another home - except the normal discussions like where we want to live, being close to work and family, etc. weren't the only things we had to take into consideration. Now with our little man, the question of where he is going to go to school, what type of experience we want him to have, how much we can pay for it, all have to be a part of the decision-making.

It's almost too much for any parent to consider. And it is such an important decision for setting the groundwork for a successful future, it surprises me there's no real guidebook for this. I mean in college I had books for everything, but now as a grownup (I guess I have to admit I am one), it is crazy that things like buying a house or picking a school district/school are one of those things you just have to research and decide yourself. I think college or high school is important, but we teach our kids all these complex principles and how to pass a test, but when they come out, they still can't reconcile a checkbook, buy a home or save money.

As you can tell, I am a little overwhelmed - so where do I start? Do you have any suggestions to how I make a good decision for schools when thinking about a two year-old (some people have already told me it's too late). So parents share your tips to making the right decision!