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Go natural, baby

Call me crazy, but the scent of baby powder makes me nauseous. It's so overwhelmingly sweet and cloyingly chemical. When my daughter was a wee one, I eschewed the ubiquitous Johnson's baby products because I just couldn't stomach the smell.

Thankfully, there's now an alternative. The revamped Johnson's Natural line contains 98% naturally derived ingredients and smells absolutely amazing. The subtle fragrance (think white florals and vanilla) comes from fruit and vegetable oils and is refreshingly sans synthetic ingredients. In fact, it smells so good that I'm been slyly substituting it for my own mommy lotion.

To top it off, this stuff is ridiculously affordable and widely available. Pick it up at any drugstore for around $5. The line also includes shampoo and body wash. 

Learn more about Johnson's Natural products here.

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Johnson's Natural Baby Lotion, $4.99

Available at, WalMart, Target and Walgreens