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What I Know For Sure...My Oprah Winfey AHA Moment- Being a Mom of Multiples

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I am no Kate Gosselin but after 4 weeks with 3 kids I could tell you a thing or two about being a mom of multiples.  Its true what they say, after two its really not that bad, I mean you are just outnumbered 2 to 1 in my case and everyone has need of you and you get little time to yourself but hey, its not like there's eight of them.....atleast that's what I keep telling myself.

I have compiled a short list of things that I have learned in this brief period...5 things every Moms of Multiples should we go

1. Flying by the Seat of Your Pants is Not an Option- I mean before the third child I could really get away with not being that organized, you know the over the top type A mother who has everything labeled and ready for school 4 weeks before school starts.  NO MORE...organization is key if you are going to make it with more than 1 kiddo,  do as much as you can at night while everyone is asleep and be PREPARED for every when the baby had a blowout in her diaper and all over her clothes 5 mins before we left the house on the first day of school....ummm yeah!

2.  You are outnumbered... Downtime will have to be planned and is not optional....There will always be someone, somewhere needing something from you. I feel like I finally understand the Army commercial I have done more before 10 am than most people do all day!

3. Assistance is needed- You will not and cannot turn away help of any kind.  Even if it is the old man in the line at Target who looks like he can't see but is still watching your baby while you retreive your wailing three year old from the floor and tell your six year old for the 30th time we will not be buying the Justin Beiber cd today....since good help is hard to find, minimal help will do.

4.  Daddy Duty is a Don't Know- While hubby is a huge help, he has yet to keep all three kids alone.  I think the fact that he will be outnumbered overwhelms him.  He insists that atleast one child accompany me at all times, which was fine before I had to change diapers and take the a child to the restroom every 30 mins I am away from home.  We are slowly working through this issue, hopefully by the time all three kids are in their 20's dad can handle them all by himself.

5.  You are now considered a big family- I know this because I am currently attempting to plan our thanksgiving vacation.  Yes, I said vacation....all things considered the entire vacation world is set up for a family of 4.  if you have a family of five well that's just " alot of people".  There are extra fees involved when you are talking about more than is it that  the Jolie/Pitts seem to make travel look so easy! Think before you fly, take a train, or even drive there's more money to be had when there is an extra tot in tow. 

Ok, so that's about it...this is what I have learned in 4 short weeks, I am sure there is much more to come, but for now I am just holding my own.  Seeking advice from all the other mommies out there, because if I had to add tip number 6 it would be heed and actually follow advice from seasoned professionals! Send me your dips and tips and remember to Make it a Great Mommy Day!

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