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Review: Nickelodeon Presents Storytime Live!

Review: Nickelodeon Presents Storytime Live!

August 27, 2010

Verizon Theatre in Grand Prairie

What it’s about:
Just like tuning into your favorite Nick Jr. favorites, Dora the Explorer, Wonder Pets!, The Backyardigans and Ni Hao, Kai-lan, the live show is organized into episodes with the beloved characters and their adventures of storytime favorites like Alice in Wonderland, Hansel and Gretel and Robin Hood.

Why we like it: Telling the two toddlers that went to see “Dora” was enough to peak their interest, but when they saw Dora in “real life” she surpassed our expectations with her voice and the way she could interact with the audience. I was hesitant that the concept of real life imitating animated characters may make it difficult to stay engaged or if they “would get it,” but they sang, dances and pointed out familiar faces like “Map,” “Backpack,” “Boots,” and a cameo appearance by “Swiper the Fox” they earned huge applause when he briefly crept onto stage. The environment was laid back and all the kids were able to participate freely, dancing and singing in the aisles and all the parents had put on their happy faces as the experience seemed to be pleasurable for everyone in attendance of the intimate theatre.

Good to know:   However, not all the episodes translated as well on stage as Dora and the Wonderpets! These episodes captivated the audience with constant activity – songs, prop changes, and surprises much like the show. One of my TV favorites, The Backyardigans, seemed to have a complicated plot, little backdrop change and because the costumes did not automatically resemble the animated counterparts, this part of the show created a short period of disinterest from many of the kids (and their parents.) The timing of the show was perfect at 1.5 hours, except the short 15 minute intermission. I am sure for those that needed to change a diaper it was relief rather than those who had to control our tots in place for 15 minutes.

: B (We were glad we got to go, but I don’t know if we would repeat the experience. Some of the episodes could have been slightly improved with more activity and there could have been cartoons showing at intermission to keep the momentum flowing. With all the merchandise out there to purchase these characters in the market, I thought the experience could have gone the extra mile.)

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