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Sick x10

I’m lucky that I’m only now writing this post – 11 months after my daughter was born. But still, it’s not a fun one. For the first time since she was born, mom, dad and baby are all sick at the same time. This really has me thinking back to the days when it was just my husband and I, and we would lounge around on the couch all day if we were sick. You know, go to bed early, not get out of bed the next day until noon. But not so much anymore! Those days are so long gone.

When there’s a sick baby involved, mom and dad have no choice but to ignore their own feelings and do everything in their power to make baby feel better. Luckily it’s just colds and sore throats that have knocked us all down, and nothing worse. But life is tough with three sick people in the house! And my heart is breaking for my sweet baby who can’t blow her nose, tell anyone what’s hurting or really do much of anything to make herself comfortable. Just hoping this isn’t the start to a long cold and flu season. If it is, guess we’ll have to look to our dog to take care of the three of us, since he’s the only healthy one in the house.