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Back to school: A few bumps in the road

School is in session and not a minute too soon. I'm ready to have the house back. But I have to admit my kids are walking in to a sea of confusion around their high school.

First, in early August the city started working on the streets around the school and it has been a mess. I can only imagine what a cluster it will be in the mornings and mid-afternoon now that school is in. Dust storm and the lovely buh-bump every 20 feet. I kept hoping the construction would be finished before school started but no such luck. Silver lining, you have to drive VERY slow.

Next, over a week ago, we were looking forward to meeting our new principal. Now, said principal is on administrative leave due to some hinky maneuverings and disgruntled teachers at her last high school. So we have a different new principal. I hope that gets sorted out soon!

Then my boys went to get their schedules, ID and parking spot a couple weeks ago, but the schedules were not available. So they walked in this morning having no idea what classes or teacher they have. This is my oldest's senior year and I may sense a little senioritis already!

Let's hope things smooth out from here.