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A friend of mine recently posted this statement in her blog:

"I am a woman in transition, learning to do what is possible in today and let go of what is not."

While she mentions being "in transition," I feel like much of my life IS transition and the statement, therefore, has a sense of permanency.

Of course, the sentiment has special meaning for me, right now, as my son starts Kindergarten. This is a huge transition for him and for our whole family. However, we all deal with many mini-transitions, on a constant basis.

A child's transition from sleepless to sleepy.

A husband and wife's transition from kid-focused-activities to spouse-focused conversation.

A working parent's transition from office responsibilties to dinner and bathtime requirements.

A mom's transition from a pre-family-reasonable-to-do-list to a post-family-reasonable-to-do-list.

If we are able to recognize the change and embrace the transition, then we can be happier, peaceful moms. I know myself well enough to acknowledge that change is not my strong suit. I am a creature of comfortable habit. Welcoming the transitions, instead of fighting them, would be a great "learn by example" gift to give my children.

Food for thought.