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What I am Obsessed with 8/13: Indulgent TV

Normally I don’t care for what’s on TV or I am completely too busy to pay attention to it, but I have noticed this week, TV has been on the brain! TiVo is my second best-friend to my IPhone, but this week I have scheduled to tune in like normal people rather than to wait for a moment to get it all in one time. Now, I don’t watch regular TV either like CSI, So You Think You Can Dance or even Hell’s Kitchen, but I partake in “Indulgent Television.” My husband refers to it as “crap,” since he prefers CNBC and The History Channel since you learn something, but after a long day of computers, phones, toddlers and cleaning, I really just want to tune in to something that is like a “spa-day for my brain” hence, “Indulgent Television.”


Borrowing a little from Bravo’s Andy Cohen and fashion stylist, Rachel Zoe, I thought I would come up with my Top 5 shows that are making me bananas this week.


1.      AMC’s Mad Men – I don’t know if I should have to explain what is wonderful about this show because honestly, it is everything,  except that it is on only once a week. I will say the best thing about Mad Men is the Mad Men I’m mad about, Jon Hamm. Period. If you haven’t gotten a taste of Mad Men, this is what you need to know to get caught up for Season 2.  

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2.       Bravo’s The Rachel Zoe Project – Even if you consider fashion changing from your sweats into your good elastic pants, Rachel Zoe is a riot. I love fashion and celebrities so that alone is funny, but now that Rachel is her own celebrity (and rightfully so, since she makes catchphrases stick better than duct tape), you have to tune in to see just how she can make an entire show exciting by just talking. “Isn't this bananas? Like, seriously. Like, literally. Lit. A. Ra. Lee. I'm dying here. I die. I. Die. Died.”


3.       Bravo’s Housewives (NJ and DC) – I don’t know how it is possible for me to like them, but I am obsessed with seeing how UNreal most of the lives of these women are. I know that it is made up for good TV, but it is nice to imagine if I was a cast member, what housewife would I be – the Frugal Fashionista and buys clothes only on discount or the housewife who dares to mow her own lawn. (If none of those sound exciting – that’s the point. That’s why I watch this show!)

4.       Food Network’s Cupcake Wars –When I was pregnant with my son, I only had cravings for one thing: cupcakes. (Un)fortunately for me this was about the time everyone else got a craving for cupcakes too and Sprinkles (and a hundred other fantastic cupcakeries) were born.  The show itself is boring (and I love food TV), but this is the only way I can “taste” cupcakes nowadays and not have it go straight to my waistline. If you haven’t experienced a maple-bacon cupcake, well, you might not be missing out, but you should watch it anyways.


5.       Showtime’s Weeds – Yep, I am admitting it in public. I love this show and Mary-Louise Parker. It isn’t the most PC of shows (because the rest of them are?), but it certainly goes on my list for Monday, Aug. 16 (the premiere of the Season 6.) I got hooked (yep, that was intentional) on the show when a friend brought over a series at a time to watch one evening and I have been addicted ever since.  The show’s star, Mary-Louise Parker, gives me hope that after 30 you get only better looking and from the look of all the stars that make appearances also on the show, you will want to at least pretend like you aren’t watching a show “about a mom who deals pot” and more “about a mother trying to do her best for her family” (just keep telling yourself that is what it is about.)

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