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Double-duty beauty

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Make like MacGyver and use household items as beauty products.

Beauty bummer: There's no shave cream to be found in the shower.

Simple solution: Use hair conditioner on your legs. Even the cheap stuff works well.

Beauty bummer: Your brows are out of control, and not in a good Brooke Shields kind of way.

Simple solution: Spray a little hairspray on your finger and then lightly smooth over your wayward brows.

Beauty bummer: The smoky eyes that looked so great last night now refuse to be removed.

Simple solution: Break out the tub of Vaseline. Works every time.

Beauty bummer: Your static-y hair looks like a science experiment gone awry.

Simple solution: Put a dab of lotion on your fingers, then lightly rake through your flyaway locks.

Beauty bummer: Rough, dry lips are not so kissable.

Simple solution: Mix brown sugar with a little olive oil and exfoliate away.