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She's Here- Symone Lauren Fulcher- Welcome to the World

She arrived early but right on time. My beautiful baby girl born Aug 2, 2010 5 weeks and 2 days earlier than her due date.  She didn't catch me off guard however, all three of my children have been preemies and as I predicted Symone followed suit.  I was so sure that she would come early that I had everything prepared in the event she showed before her time AND I counted back 5 weeks exactly from her due date to determine when I could expect her arrival.  The week of Aug.2-6 I figured and sure enough she was here.  

This preemie however is unlike any of my other children.  She for one was born with no medical issues, not even jaundice which is very common amongst preemie babies.  She was breathing slightly fast when born taken to the NICU and released to me some hours later, I couldn't believe it for the first time I would get to "room in" with my child.  Both of my other children spent 7 days plus in the NICU and I never knew what it was to spend those precious first moments with my children.  It was magical holding her and spending time with her just out of the womb.....simply amazing. 

She also was released to go home with me, again a first, with the other two children I spent the first few days out of the hospital running back and forth to the NICU rushing so I could be there just in time to nurse.  Sore, overwhelmed, and exhausted this generally caused me a lot of stress which both babies generally picked up on.  Going home after three days in the hospital with my baby has been breathtaking, watching her every move every single day without the worry of machines, tubes, and needles.  

I guess its true what they say, third times a charm.  I have enjoyed every moment of this new life, I must say it has been exhausting and still a bit overwhelming but beautiful all at the same time.  I am so happy that I finally got to experience birth the way it should be, my emotions where running so high, I spent a lot of time in tears so excited about the opportunities I  have been afforded.  Thank you so much Symone Lauren Fulcher, you made mommies dreams come true and for that I will always be thankful!