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Too Many Teeth

As my son gets ready to start Kindergarten, we anticipate the milestones.

The first day of school.

The first field trip.

The first spelling test.

The first fight.

The first success.

This week we had a double milestone that we weren't expecting.

The first lost teeth!

Unfortunately, my son lost the teeth the hard way, in the dentist's chair. When adult teeth come in BEHIND the baby teeth, without the baby teeth naturally falling out, you have a problem. Double rows of teeth might be great for sharks, but not for little boys.

So, out they came. Two at once. Thankfully and amazingly, with very little fanfare. As he carried out the two little teeth in the cool green box, my son looked up at me with his newly-minted toothless grin and said "Maybe I should just keep them to show everybody the dried blood on the ends! That would be so cool!"

Um, no.

The tooth fairy delivered with some dollars and a new baseball hat, in honor of the inaugural event. (The milkshake payoff, immediately following the dentist appointment wasn't bad, either!)

An on we go to the next milestone.