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Review: American Idols Live Tour 2010

Monday night, the "Idols Live" tour came through Dallas, bringing with it two hometown stars: Tim Urban of Duncanville & Casey James of Ft. Worth.

James, the more popular of the two (he made it to the Top 3 on the show whereas Urban finished in 7th place) was on the Kidd Kraddick in the Morning radio show back in May (for the "hometown visits," while the show was still filming) and SO many people showed up to see him there in Las Colinas. Later that day there were stretch limos, police escorts, a concert by James with the venue filled to capacity and he was given a key to the city. And while James was definitely a crowd favorite last night, where are those thousands of people now that the voting is done? *chirp, chirp* The American Airlines Center was far from packed and let's just say there was no traffic or trouble getting there or getting out afterward.

And that's no blow at him — he is a fantastic musician and put on a great performance, as did the other idols, namely peace-and-love Crystal Bowersox, Idol winner Lee DeWyze, soulful Michael Lynche and cool-and-country Aaron Kelly, but I feel bad for these guys! They go from "just another face in a crowd" to "UBER-fame" to forgotten all in the course of 6-12 months and that can't be easy. Maybe Idol is just getting to the end of it's rope? Especially now without Simon... and Paula... and Ellen... Or maybe it would have been better to fill up the Verizon Theatre (formerly Nokia) in Grand Prairie, rather than set their sights on the AAC, especially for a Monday night concert.

Regardless, I was appreciative to not have to deal with a traffic nightmare and it was a really good, clean, fun show I didn't have to worry about taking my kids to. The Idols only did three big group numbers and they were evenly spaced, so it wasn't obnoxious like they are on the show. Idols kicked off earlier in the show were given less stage time, which is cool too – the longer you were on the show, the more songs you get to perform! The teenage girls I brought with me had a blast (and all of them are currently working on their marriage proposals to Casey James for when he gets back to Funky Town).