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It's that time again...

...time to get on an airplane with the kids.

Although, at three and six, they are certainly less physically exhausting travelers, they are no less time consuming. Long gone are my days of passing the flight hours with a good book, a lone purse slung over my shoulder. It's been six years, in fact, since I was able to breeze on and off an airplane, skimming smoothly down the narrow aisles without hitting anyone.

Packing the kids' carry-on "entertainment" bags, last night, was as big a job as were the real suitcases with clothes and shoes.

What will she want to do for 15 minutes at a time? Let's try a coloring book, followed by the new Leapster Game. How many snacks will he wish for during the flight? What can hold the crayons, so that he can get to them AND they won't roll all over the tray and the floor, never to be seen again? What new storybook will command his attention, long enough to prevent the inevitable "I have to go to the bathroom, one more time?"

How many carry-ons can I carry on, without becoming a one-mom-head-knocking-elbow-crashing-wrecking-crew as we march down the airplane aisle?

These are the burning questions this week.

I'm keeping my fingers crossed for no delays, happy kids and me, not needing a vacation from my vacation!