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Mama Mia...Cheap and Chic Maternity Wear for Every Occasion

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Maternity clothes have gotten I mean very expensive.  I would like to think of them as an investment if you are planning to have more children but if you aren't well they are just plain...EXPENSIVE! 

 For most moms all the other expenses that come with having a child generally supersedes the need for a chic new wardrobe, not to mention in a few short weeks post baby every article of clothing will be unnecessary! I mean who wants to keep wearing maternity clothes 4 months postpartum? 

What's a girl to do when she is strapped for cash but still wants to look her best, well thankfully retailers have FINALLY caught on to the idea of chic and CHEAP maternity!

Here are 5 great retailers with chic maternity duds for half the cash

1. Forever 21- The newest retailer to join the maternity scene these clothes are stylish without being over done.  Not only does Forever 21 have the latest in fashion they are also one of the cheapest maternity lines I have yet to come across.  

2. Target- Target maternity is unique in that it features top designers like the Liz Lange and Moody Mamas.  For half the price of regular maternity wear you can look twice as good! The best thing about Target's maternity line is that it features a full range of maternity wear from loungewear and intimates to cute dresses for date night.  

3. Old Navy - Another great simplistic yet stylish retailer who features fun and functional maternity wear.  Most of the clothing in the Old Navy line remain true to it's brand being both relaxed and comfortable.  The also host a range of hip and funky accessories, everything from earrings to handbags to finish off any outfit.

4. JCPenney - JcPenney has done a 360 from the company they were years ago.  They went from a drab store mostly catering to a much older generation to a hip new happening place with quality clothing that have quite a bit of style.  The maternity line as JCP is no different, several of their popular in store brands took to the maternity side and created cute and comfy clothes for the mom to be.  Catch JCP on a good sale weekend and you are sure to rack up on some great finds for very little green!

5. Rent Maternity Wear is an online retailer that allows you to rent high end maternity clothes for a fraction of the cost.  This is a marvel idea for those special occasions that you have attend while pregnant but don't want to spend loads of cash on the "perfect dress".  They have everything from dresses for your baby shower to formal attire.  Dresses start at as little as $35.00 per week which is a steal considering most of the dresses are from high end designers like Isabella Oliver and Olian Maternity.  Be sure to measure before you rent, you don't want to get that special dress in the wrong size!
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