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Shower power

Back in the B.C (before children) days, my hubby and I took a carefree Caribbean cruise with friends. Sure, the sun, sand and surf were quite satisfying, but they paled in comparison to the ship's thermal suite.

My girlfriends and I spent hours in the suite, lounging like lizards on heated chairs and soaking up the sauna's eucalyptus-scented steamy air. It was sheer bliss.

While I can't quite duplicate the experience, I can come pretty close with Aura Cacia's aromatherapy shower tablets. One little tablet fizzes up beautifully in the shower and releases the purifying aroma of eucalyptus. After a long stressful day, an ahh-inspiring shower is the perfect way to end on a better note.

Aura Cacia Aromatherapy Shower Tablets, $6.29 for three

Available in Purifying Eucalyptus (my fave), Relaxing Lavender, and Reviving Peppermint

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