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Camping Anyone?

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So my kids want to go camping, when i say they want to go I mean my daughter has asked me a total of 7 times over the last week, that is equal to every single day.  I am at a stand still because I AM NOT the outdoors type.  I mean as a girl, my mother and I both packed up our things after one night of a girl scout campout.  Never did earn that badge....oh well! 

Instead of trying to ignore my daughter's request which CLEARLY has not been working, I have been thinking of alternative ways to indulge in the camping experience.  I am using words like in indulge to trick my mind into thinking this will be enjoyable! Since renting an RV is out and sleeping overnight in a state park or any park for that matter does not interest me at all, I have settled on our backyard.

I know you are thinking this is NOT a true camping experience but this is about first timers getting their feet wet, testing the waters, and playing it safe.  

The way I see it this experience will provide both the richness and rewards of a campout with memories we can view every time we look out the backdoor, yeah its a stretch but hey what's a girl to do.  I figure we have a fireplace in our backyard which will be perfect for smores', we will be close enough to the house that I can still get wifi and update my Facebook page with all the kids cute pics and camp gear, and if this little project completely fails and bugs come crawling in the middle of the night we can all go running back in the house and sleep on the floor in sleeping bags with a great view of the outdoors.  

For all of those rough and rugged campers don't judge me, I know I probably sound like the young ladies from Troop Beverly Hills but one thing is for sure I am at least willing to give it a try and that is just about all us moms can do!  Signing off for now, Campout Mommy! Make it a great Day! 
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