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Bits and Pieces

Being a mom means that you find yourself in a hundred crazy situations, on a daily basis. It's amazing, the problems a mom solves, questions she answers, tasks she undertakes.

Here's a sampling of my crazy mom-minutia of the last week. I don't always think of these as funny, when they're happening, but the bits and pieces, in writing, make for a smile:

What do you do about a baby doll who ended up with water inside her plastic head after a trip through the washing machine? Right now, she is hanging by her arms in the hope that the water will all drain out through her cloth body and dry, eventually.

What is Dustin Pedroia's number? The answer: 15. He plays for the Red Sox. I looked it up on Google, in between loads of laundry. We HAD TO KNOW NOW, in order to continue with the game.

At 11:30, one night, I found myself outside, in the dark, rinsing out muddy swim shoes because wearing crusty ones, to Summer Fun, the next day would be unacceptable and I wanted to avoid the morning meltdown.

I was reduced to "announcing the milk race" at the dinner table, in a last ditch effort to get the kids to finish. "Ladies and Gentlemen! Now racing with the orange cup...." Desperate times call for desperate measures.

I managed to actually find my daughter's purple flowered purse. She has at least 23 others, but wanted the purple flowered one, passionately. How I knew, and remembered, I had seen it inside the play kitchen refrigerator, I'll never know.

Where, exactly, is Fiji? My son saw Vijay Singh, a golfer, on Sports Center. He's from Fiji. The answer was found on our soccer ball, with the globe painted on it. The Fiji Islands are in the South Pacific Ocean, in between Hawaii and New Zealand. Further research indicated that there are 332 islands and 110 are habited. My son now wants to go there, on vacation.

Singing the same four lullabies to my daughter for the last 3 1/2 years finally paid off, when, last night, she volunteered to sing them to me. Laying down, listening to her sweet little voice was the greatest part of my day. I was scrunched up at one end of her bed, to make room for her baby dolls, but she sang to me.

I slept very well that night, giving me energy for the next day's scenarios. I love being a mom.