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Two Weeks In...

So I'm technically two weeks into my new role as a work-at-home mom, which has really only been 8 working days thus far. I'm really loving it! Just trying to find my rhythm still - how to work in the grocery store, errands, gym, WORK, laundry, dishes, meal planning & prep, etc., but wow, I wouldn't have it any other way. I'm staying PLENTY busy, as expected. The last time I worked at home, so much was hinged on whether or not the business succeeded (it did not) that I was working about 18-20 hours a day and made time for little else. The goal this time was to go nowhere near that kind of grueling pace, where I was here in the house but a million miles removed from my family. 

Any advice on work/life balance from other W-A-H-Moms? Seeing as it all falls under the same roof now, the line between the two is now all fuzzy-looking. Thanks in advance!