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Diapers get Designer!

I have been on the hunt this summer for these cute little "denim jean" diapers made by Huggies for my 2 year old. We should be entering the next phase soon with potty training, but until then I am sparingly using the little denim jeans diapers for special occasions...just like my special hand towels...

What am I saying?

After I spent weeks on the prowl, found a blog that told me CVS had just got a shipment, waited until their was a sale (where I then got the coveted denim drawers for free :), then have only proceeded to use them what I wanted his diapers to be seen -- yep, that's nuts. (What's really nuts is the fashion show that was held to launch the denim diaper - absolute marketing genius!)

So just about the time I decided that maybe the idea of decorative diapers were cute, but considering the two-month only limited edition time period to snag them, made me a little ga-ga - Pampers announces its designer diapers by Cynthia Rowley, available only at Target.

These are pretty cute. I mean really cute. And since I prefer my kiddo to be in nothing but a diaper, there is a time for it at home. However, since most the time we are always putting our kids in the cutest clothes, it seems kinda senseless to spend money on something that for at least us this morning, can last only minutes until we get the next ones out.

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                                Photo credit: Pampers

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