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Las Vegas with kids

Last month, we took a quick trip to Las Vegas and despite the city's efforts a decade ago to make it kid-friendly, I've decided Vegas is not kid-friendly.

What happens in Vegas definitely needs to stay in Vegas.

Granted, this was not part of our planned summer vacation. Instead, this was a quick weekend trip made because my dad and brother needed someone to pick them up from a small town in Northern Arizona after they finished a 10-day river rafting trip down the Grand Canyon.

While we weren't really going to Vegas, it ended up being where we flew into and stayed inbetween a daylong trip into Arizona and back. (Phoenix would have been much further away) The kids came along because Grandpa and Uncle wanted to see them.

I've been to Vegas many times for work to report on tech conventions so this was my first time in Vegas with kids. While we saw the Hoover Dam, the Bellagio fountains were cool and my kids loved watching the volcano erupt at the Mirage, my kids were mostly bored. Not to mention that the pool at the Monte Carlo (where we were staying) while it was a wave pool with a lazy river, it catered to the Spring Break-type crowd with loud music and lots of Budweiser. At one point, my daughter even said it felt like she was the last kid on earth.

So for anyone even thinking about Vegas with kids, rethink that decision. Vegas is fine for anyone over 21 but not so much for those who aren't.