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Get a little lippy

Beauty confession: I'm a bit obsessed with lip gloss. I have a gazillion shades, and I'm constantly searching for new acquisitions. But when my lips are chapped, all the gloss in the world can't remedy the situation.

Leave it to Lush to solve my beauty woes. This little pot of sweet sugar scrubs away my imperfections. It smells just like the phenomenal Snow Fairy shower gel cotton candy but with a kick. Here's how to use it:

- Rub a bit of sugar on your finger.

- Run it over your lips.

- Wipe off with a towel (or feel free to lick off the excess).

If bubblegum isn't your thing, try the Mint Julips (chocolate, vanilla and mint) or Sweet Lips (vanilla and chocolate).

Lush has also sweetened the pot with new lower shipping rates. Orders under 6 lbs cost just $6 to ship standard or $8 for second day.

Now if you'll excuse me, I must resume my hunt for the perfect shade to showcase my soft lips.

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Lush Bubblegum Lip Scrub, $8.95