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Little Girls' World of Pretend

The older my daugter gets, the more I am amazed at her ability to pretend. Much more so than her big brother, she readily invents stories for her baby dolls and an entire world of imaginary happenings that are then reported to me.

At first, it was just simple things like, "Mom, baby is upset. She hurt her back while she was swimming in the pool." Okay, I gave the baby doll a kiss to make it better and on we went wth the day.

Lately, though, I've heard her in her room after I've put her to bed, encouraging entire conversations with who-knows-how-many people. "Aw, Baby Adelaide, did you want to sit over here on the bed? Okay, let's move you over here. Baby Stephanie, you need to be nice, now, no whining! Alright, now we're all ready for our songs...." And on and on it went.

Finally, there are the crazy connections that pop up out of this pretending. This morning, she woke up and said "Mom, I have to do some jumping jacks to make my eye feel better so that I can go and get a haircut." What???!!! Apparently, there was no need for a response from me (good thing!), because she did her version of a few jumping jacks and then went to find some breakfast.

I would love to know what prompts all of this. I find myself hoping that it lasts awhile and that she continues to pretend, without stomping all of it out with a bunch of logic and realism.

And again, if jumping jacks really do make things better, I'll sure give them a try.