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Vending machine beauty

Last night, I was not a happy camper. A delayed plane had put me in me a dour mood and I was bemoaning my choice of chic-yet-completely-unsuitable-for-traveling footwear. I aimlessly wandered the airport, searching for chocolate and trashy tabloids in which to drown my sorrows.

Then I spotted It. Like a hazy mirage, the trademark white and black checkerboard motif beckoned me near. Upon closer inspection, I squealed with delight: before me lay a vending machine brimming with Sephora wonderment.

Whoever came up with this marketing ploy is beyond brilliant. For weary travelers, the mini Sephora is a little slice of heaven, stocked with tiny toiletries to replace the ones forgotten in the packing frenzy or seized by security. I sighed with pleasure as I swiped my card and purchased the Bare Escentuals lip glosses I'd been eyeing for some time (and now on sale, no less). After the body scan, frisking and 20 hours of travel, I figured I deserved a little something for my troubles.

If you're flying the friendly skies this summer, make sure you swing by Terminal C at DFW. There is a Sephora box o' beauty at Gate C28. Other locations include:

- BNA in Nashville, Tenn.

- LAS in Las Vegas, N.V.

- IND in Indianapolis, Ind.

- JFK in Queens, N.Y.

- IAH in Houston, Texas

Travel is suddenly looking a whole lot better.

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