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Alone Time

When was the last time that you were alone in your own house?

While this might sound like a crazy question, for moms with small children, it might actually be difficult to answer.

My kiddos are going to grandma and grandpa's house one night this week for a "sleepover." As I pondered how to best use my time while they're away, I realized that it has been FOREVER since I was alone in my own house.

When we're on vacation, we're all on vacation. When one child is in school, the other is not. When one child has a playdate, the other does not. One child might be at home, but she is taking a nap. While that might be quiet time, it's not alone-time.

If, by chance, both kids are gone, it's usually for just a couple of hours and I'm dashing around in my car, like mad, trying to get errands done before they're home. Again, if the kids are out, on the weekend, I'm still not alone, because my husband is around. He's a great guy, but it's still not alone-time.

With this overnight adventure happening on a Thursday night, and my day off falling on a Friday, I suddenly realized that I would be all alone in my house for the majority of the day!

My husband will get up and go to work and I can, proudly, go back to sleep! What? Unheard of!

I can get up and do whatever I want, rather than getting breakfast for the small people while trying to organize my day. Luxury!

I don't have to talk to anyone. I can listen to my own music. I can light a candle without fear of tiny fingers getting burned. I an eat lunch at 2:00 pm. Maybe I won't even eat lunch, but just snack my way through the morning. I can read a book without one eye on the clock and the other on the tent-city set up in the playroom. Divine!

Once upon a time, I would not have appreciated any of this. My promise to myself this Friday is to relish every moment of alone-time, in my own house.

Simple things are sometimes the greatest pleasures.