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Barnes and Noble Summer Reading

It's Wednesday...already, a short work week for everyone and an even shorter week for those of us who are out for the summer or headed to summer break.  Every Wednesday during the summer the kids and I head to our local Barnes and Noble for reading time and crafts with Ms. Lindy!

I love the Barnes and Noble reading time for a number of reasons.  1.  I can always pick up an iced cold latte from Starbucks to sip on while reading time goes on....yum!
2. The choice of books are pretty much endless AND if you really like a particular book you can always purchase it!  3. The crafts are amazing and fun not to mention times when they have featured authors or storytellers.  To say I am a fan is an understatement!  This story time not only encourages my kids to read, we often times pick up a book or two on our way out which they quietly read all the way home or lunch which ever stop is next!  

At any rate, I would like to encourage all parents to check out their local Barnes and Noble reading time.  This summer they will host a summer reading kick off where kids can come in their pj's, listen to stories, eat milk and cookies, do crafts and play games.  Sounds like oodles of fun and at the end of the summer reading series, kids can turn in their lists of books read and receive great prizes! Go online at to check out the summer reading kick off in your area, you'll be so glad you did! In the meantime remember to MAKE IT A GREAT MOMMY DAY!!!!!

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