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Learning to swim

Summer is certainly here. Maybe not technically, but temperature-wise it sure is. (Especially for this girl from Minnesota!) And nothing says summer more than heading to the swimming pool, so last week while our family was on vacation in Arkansas (more on that later) we took our 8-month-old daughter swimming for the first time.

She LOVES her baths, so we were sure swimming would be a big hit, and it was! Since she’s mastered sitting on her own, that’s one of her favorite ways to play, so she had a blast sitting on the top step leading into the water and splashing around with her hands.

And she was all smiles while mom and dad took turns carrying her throughout the pool. We even got her to kick on cue a few times. Now we just need to find a place near our house in Fort Worth where we can take her this summer. Or maybe a wading pool in our back yard will have to do. Does anyone have a favorite pool or water park in the area they take their kiddos to? No water slides yet, of course!

As the years go on, we’re going to make swimming lessons a priority for our daughter. Hopefully she’ll keep loving the water as much as we do, but at the very least we always want her to be able to protect herself around water.

Recently I saw a story about how the American Academy of Pediatrics is now recommending swimming lessons for toddlers. Drowning is one of the leading causes of death in young children. I figure it’s never too early to get started teaching your child to love the water and eventually how to become a strong swimmer.