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A New Game

If your family is like ours, any extended car trip becomes our kids' opportunity to say "Let's Play I Spy!"

Also, if your family is like ours, you are absolutely sick to death of this game. There are only so many things you can "spy" on the same billboards and traffic signs between home and Grandma's house.

Which is why, recently, I was so pleased that my genious husband came up with a new game for the car, or really, anytime your family is just sitting around and waiting for something.

We're still looking for a good name for this game, but for now, my son just calls it "The Mom's Sister's Daughter's Game."

Let me explain.

The grown-up in the situation is the leader of the game. He or she poses a family relationship question and the kids (to varying degrees of success) try and follow the logic and name the person.

Dad: "Who is your Mom's Sister's Daughter?"

Son: (Eyes rolling up to help him think) "My Cousin!"

Dad: "Who is your Sister's Dad's Mom?"

Son: (Giggles start now) "Grandma!"

Dad: "Who is your Oldest Cousin's Dad's Youngest Brother?"

Son: (Long pause for this one) "Dad, that's you!"

If I had not experienced this game for myself, I would never believe that it has such a high entertainment factor. I'm not even sure what, about it, is that interesting. I only know that my son kept saying "Do another one, Dad!" for the entire 45 minute car ride the other day and then requested it, again, while we were waiting for some friends to arrive for dinner.

Obviously, the game can be adjusted, for difficulty, based on your children. Our three-year-old daughter was just as thrilled to play the game with:

"Who is your brother's sister?"

"That's me!"

"Who is your Mom's Dad?"


Try it. It's much more fun than plain old "I Spy." (And probably better for improving the adults' and the kiddos' brain power!)