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Ok, so I said that baby number three would not take over my life, HAS! I am in my sixth month soon to be seventh and I am completely consumed with all things baby!  Please note that this is NOT because I want to be but because I have had to be.

After reviewing what I items I do have left from the other two children, I have found that most  things have gone on recall lists and everything else has completely changed.  I mean it was just three short years ago, so why does the baby boom feel like the boom of the early 90's!  There are different bottles, strollers, cribs, sleepers...I feel like I have entered a foreign world of babydom.

Needless to say I have gathered a list of essentials and being a veteran mom I understand the need to stick to this list.  I am not going to purchase every bib, blankie, and bottle I mam I will be wise about this.  

Oh well, thankfully this is the last go around, I can only imagine what baby stuff will look like 10 years from now! Take it from me it pays to be prepared and registry and all! 

Make it a great Mommy Day!