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On to "The Big Time!"

Last night was a big night in our family. Our son performed in his Preschool End-Of-Year-Program, effectively completing his time at our beloved little school. He's been there since he was two years old and has been loved and taught by some of the greatest people in the world.

Because of his time there, he loves to read. He can speak, intelligently, about the seven continents and most of the countries. He has done science experiments with worms, balloons and empty water bottles. He can sing songs about the weather, the holidays and how to tell time. He has made terrific friends.

In his mind, though, this is now "baby stuff." He's ready for "The Big Time." This means Kindergarten and the big-kid elementary school that we drive by a dozen times a week. Earlier, this building was just another place in our neighborhood. Now, it's "the great unknown." It's "where the big kids go and where I'll be next year." It's "where we'll get to eat lunch in the big cafeteria!"

I love his enthusiasm. I hope that his excitement for school continues, long past Kindergarten. He may not appreciate his little baby school, but I will always know that the teachers there set his foundation for learning on solid ground. I remember what a big decision it was, to choose a preschool. I can look back and know I did just the right thing for him.

Now, onward and upward!