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Before We Judge...Ft. Worth Principal who abandons her kids

I know this has been the hot topic of discussion since it hit the news Sunday morning.  The Forth Worth middle school principal who left her small children hungry and alone while she visited a nightclub. I too gasped while reading the story, a principal one who nurtures and cares daily for does this happen?

I like many of you was quick to judge, angry, and disgusted with this mother, I mean how could she, and then, I kept reading.  

She is a mom of two toddlers,  a middle school principal, and has a husband who is deployed to Iraq.....for the third time.  For one moment, I completely begin to empathize with this woman.  I mean TAKS testing was just some short time ago which places huge amounts of strain on Texas principals and teachers, toddlers can be a daily strain especially if you are doing it alone, and then there is the perpetual concern for a spouse and their safety. 

I am in no way defending her actions, we all come under stressful situations at some point in our lives or another, it really is inevitable however, it's how we handle that stress that makes the difference in the outcome.  Judging from the school district and parents who have commented on her great work ethic and desire to help others this woman was a model citizen and excellent leader who fell on difficult times.  

I feel sorry most for those children, those little innocent ones who are hurt by the actions or inactions of adults, it's not in their best interest to be going through such a difficult time especially considering their father's deployment.  While they maybe searching for ways to cope I pray that their lives will not be deeply affected by this traumatic situation.

I know we live in a world where everyone has an opinion, for the most part we have given people especially those in position subhuman standards that don't allow them to falter or fall apart.  And while i can rest assured and am happy to know that this mom will be prosecuted for her actions, I still say a small prayer for her sanity.  I guess it just goes to show we can have it all ladies but having it all sometimes comes with a steep price! 

All of us fail sometimes.....just think BEFORE YOU JUDGE....

Make it a great Mommy Day!