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Mommy mixologist: Zane Lamprey makes drinking easy

What could be better than drinking on the job? The answer is drinking for your job. On the show Three Sheets, host Zane Lamprey gets to drink, travel and shoot the bull with bar patrons all around the world. With the fate of a new season up in the air, Zane is traveling via bus across this great land with his “Drinking Made Easy Comedy Show.” It pulls into the House of Blues in Dallas on May 14. While touring, he will document drinking customs in the cities that he visits for a new show on HD Net (personal shout-out to Mark Cuban for keeping Zane on the air). If you’re familiar with this guy, you know how great the show is and you should get off your beer-drinking butt to see him in person. If not, here’s a quick Q-and-A to get you up to speed before he visits Big D.

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Q: What can fans expect from the “Drinking Made Easy Show” at the House of Blues?

A: Beer, wine, booze, a bit of education. My buddy Steve McKenna will host the show and intro Marc Ryan’s stand-up set. I will do some stand-up and sing drinking songs. The whole show is a drinking game, so you should prepare for a ride home.

Q: Three Sheets recently moved to the Travel Channel, so can we expect a new season of shows?

A: We can hope. We’re waiting to see if Three Sheets will be picked up for a fifth season. While on tour, we’ll be shooting a new show showcasing drinking customs around the U.S. It’s called Drinking Made Easy, and it will run on HD Net on Thursdays starting in September.

Q: How bad did it hurt when you’re hit in the face with a bottle in Vegas? What are some of the other injuries you’ve sustained while taping Three Sheets?

A: Because it just happened it wasn’t too bad. If I had known it was coming, the anticipation would have made it hurt worse. I’ve probably pulled every muscle; had amoebic dysentery, the flu, hangovers. Recovering from jet lag is probably the hardest thing.

Q: Who’s the worst Ski Patrol case you’ve encountered? (Ski Patrol (skee putt-ROLL) noun or verb: Commonly known as a “relatively harmless” stalker.)

A: I was in Cape Town, South Africa, interviewing the owner of a place that’s name translated into the “House of Meat” [and] a guy at a table off-camera kept bringing up old episodes and interrupting me while I was in the middle of taping.

Q: When you’re not drinking for the show, what is you’re favorite drink?

A: Other than my daily bottle of white zin and rose champagne (chuckle), nothing complicated, just a beer, preferably a lager.

Q: I can only tolerate watching Barney with our 4-year-old if I’m drinking a beer. Are there any kids’ shows you watch with your 3-year-old son that drive you to drink?

A: Dora. Definitely could drive me to drink. She gets way too excited. I want to say, “Dora chill the eff out.”

Q: Have you seen Yo Gabba Gabba? If so, do you think they are drunk when they create each episode?

A: Either drunk or something else.

Q: What’s the last thing you downloaded on your iPod?

A: The new Gorillaz album, Plastic Beach, and some episodes of Yo Gabba Gabba for my son.

Q: My hangover remedy is an Aleve, Dr Pepper and a Whataburger. What’s yours?

A: No cure in all of the years of my research, but a remedy for me is an episode of Flight of the Conchords, an In-N-Out burger, fries and a Coke.

Drinking Made Easy Comedy Tour

House of Blues, Dallas

8 p.m. May 14



Three Sheets

10 and 10:30 p.m. Wednesdays

Travel Channel

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