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A case of the Mondays

I'm suffering from a case of the Mondays, more like "What more can go wrong?" Perhaps I shouldn't ask that. There's plenty more that can go wrong!

It started yesterday. I was enjoying my Mother's Day - the family had made a lovely brunch. We watched a movie and needed to take it back. We also needed to get some groceries. Easy enough.

We drive to the video store and while parking, my foot misses the brake and we tap in to the vehicle in front of us. It, in turn, taps in to the vehicle in front of it. My vehicle and the one I tapped in to are fine, but the third is, of course, a brand new truck! Anyhoo - we're working it all out. We never made it to the grocery.

Then, this morning, after using the bathroom, my husband says "What's going on with the toilet?" It's overflowing! We shut off the water and mop and clean up said bathroom.

I go to the kitchen and open the cabinet and see some sugar ants. Great! I've had them before and know what I need to get rid of them.

I still need to go to the grocery. Dare I venture outside?