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If you have to cry go outside (and other things your mother never told you)

(Isn't that the most attention getting book title ever?)

In celebration of Mother’s Day, I wanted to share one of the best books I have read in a long time, If You Have to Cry Go Outside – and Other Things Your Mother Never Told You. The author of this book is my new hero/mentor Kelly Cutrone. If you don’t know the name, then I can describe her as a fresh of breath of air – as a mom, a businesswoman and a strong woman of today. For those who may have heard of her from “Kell on Earth”, “The Hills” or her fashion PR company, The People’s Revolution – well she is even more amazing and brutally honest as she is on the show.  By no means is she June Cleaver, but for me, I think she is a new concept of how today’s woman should be – strong and proud, unapologetic for her claim for power and compromises nothing to be the best mother she knows to be.


On the outside she wears black, cusses like a sailor and has had a life full of adventures that might make your grandmother faint, but on the inside and throughout the pages of this book, she lays it down straight, in hopes to help other women stop trying to recreate society’s picture of the perfect life in pursuit of what you want and how. Depending on where you are in your life, you will gleam different things from this book, at least I did. Every chapter I started to write her a letter thanking her for her sharing her life and that it had made a huge difference in the way I think about my steps going forward in my own.  That was until I read another chapter and had another reason to applaud her – professionally and personally – as a wife, a mother and most importantly, a woman.


As I approach 30, I have begun to look at life in a different way. Not so much as what I am going to do with my life when I grow up, but now with only two considerations: Either when am I going to do it or why did I ever want to do that.


This is a no-holds bar book full of humor, sadness, rawness and reality. She may not be the woman you would sit next to at the PTA meeting, but she certainly shows us all that nothing is what it seems and all women have something to learn from each other. Most importantly, no matter what job you have or don’t have, that motherhood is the best job on Earth. (Maybe that's why they call it "Kell on Earth???")

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