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To the hardest working moms...

On Saturday, I was lucky enough to participate in the Grapevine Mills' Hardest Working Moms contest.

And while it was fun to model clothes and answer a question out of a fishbowl like we were in some sort of beauty pageant, the best part of the day was meeting the other moms.

While waiting to go on stage, we talked about our kids and our "funniest" moments as a mom, all which were inappropriate for a mall contest. And we wondered if any of us would trip, walking down the runway and which one of us would dare to do the "Superstar" pose by Molly Shannon from SNL.

It was a fun way to celebrate Mother's Day and to hang out with a bunch of other regular, every day moms.

So congrats to Allison D'Auteil, Christine Windham, Janice Binkley, Jill Rodriguez, Yakelia Clemmons, Melisa Guajardo, Melissa Salimbene, Renee Webb and the winner, Lorie Gravely, for all being the hardest working moms in the Metroplex.