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Book review: Maisyâ™s Book Tower

Maisy’s Book Tower

Lucy Cousins (Author, Illustrator)

Includes four Maisy board books: Maisy’s Favorite Things, Maisy’s Favorite Clothes, Maisy’s Favorite Animals and Maisy’s Favorite Toys.

$9.99, Amazon 

These books have been a huge hit at our house. They’re colorful, educational and fit perfectly in teething baby’s mouth! This collection of Maisy books is made up of four tiny, chunky, board books. They’re perfectly sized for baby’s tiny hands and also make for fun stacking since they’re shaped like four, colorful blocks. 

My daughter is only 7 months old, but already she loves looking at the colorful pictures and having mom or dad read the different vocabulary words to her, each beautifully illustrated. Each page contains a word with a simple illustration. I can tell these will be among my daughter’s favorites when it comes to learning new words as she gets older.

The bold colors are eye-catching and the simple drawings are perfect for small children. She loves holding these baby-sized books in her hands.
 I can see us buying many more Maisy books in our future!