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Learn from my mistake: Infant medicine recall

I am normally try to be on top of news - especially that which affects my kid and my pocketbook. I had received an email from my friend about the product recall of several infant meds, but didn't instantly go through my medicine cabinet. (My bad). I had meant to later in the week, but of course, time got in front of me.

Then today I got a notice that highly encouraged me to take a look at my child's med list. And of course, I found THREE of his medicines we use on a normal basis were on the list of recalled products.

I got online and looked at the recall information and submitted my info for either a refund or high-dollar coupon. I certainly not happy with myself and considering two of them are almost empty, I hope they find it was just a precaution, but learn from my mistake - take a look, complete the form and dump the meds.