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Save your skin

I made quite a few bad decisions in my youth. Like that ripped acid-washed jeans/flannel shirt combo my sister will never let me live down. While I outgrew my awkward adolescence, I may still have to pay for my poor choices.

I'm talking about tanning.

All summer long, my high school BFF and I succumbed to the sun's irresistible siren song. We would lie like lizards, roasting our skin sans sunscreen. The end result was always the same: a painful and not-so-attractive lobster-esque hue.

Long after those burns have faded, I'm on constant alert for any signs of skin cancer. I've got several strikes against me already: fair skin and blonde hair, as well as a family history of skin cancer. So I watch and I wait. (Check out your risk factors here.)

Apparently we weren't the only ones skipping the SPF. According to the Skin Cancer Foundation, the number of women under age 40 diagnosed with basal cell carcinoma has more than doubled in the last 30 years. That's pretty scary stuff.

No more excuses, ladies. We're old enough to know better. Make it a habit to slather on at least SPF 15 whenever you head outside. Still tempted to tan? Think about this: Just five bad sunburns in your lifetime can double your risk for melanoma.

Protect your skin with this great little kit from Sephora. Inside you'll find a dozen different sunscreen products. They're the perfect size to keep stashed in your purse or diaper bag.


Have fun in the sun, but be smart about it.

Sephora Sun Safety Kit, $25

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