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DVD Review: "LEGO: The Adventures of Clutch Powers"

It's the first ever LEGO feature-length movie, and if you ask my 11-year-old son, it's "AWESOMENESS!" 

Extremely creative and action-packed, the movie's central point teaches kids the value of teamwork — even if you're the BEST builder in the LEGO universe (like the central character, Clutch Powers), you can still be better with the help of a great team. The other members of the LEGO team are quirky and they each have a specific talent to bring to the table.

The humor in the movie is non-stop, and almost all of the jokes are "bad puns," which are hilarious to kids. Our teenager said, "this movie is so punny!" to which we said, "ba-dum-chhh!" We all got a lot of great belly-laughs out of it.

For adults, the creativity in the movie's art direction conjures up blissful memories of playing with legos for hours on end back in the 80s — everything in the movie is made of legos and the team constantly has to build and re-build all of their equipment. Brilliant!

We hope the LEGO franchise continues to make feature-length movies, because this was super-fun to watch for the whole family.