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Review: Peter Pan

Do you believe in fairies? If you do clap your hands and get to Casa Manana to see the theatre's production of Peter Pan.

What it's about:This is a school-version of the Peter Pan musical that became popular with Mary Martin in the title role in the 1950s. Peter comes into the Darling nursery and takes the Wendy, Michael and John off to an adventure in Neverland. They make friends with Indians and fight Captain Hook and his band of pirates.

The good and the bad:Peter Pan is wonderfully played by Michelle Thompson who does a great job of not wanting to grow up. But it is Captain Hook, played by Christopher Deaton, that steals the show. He had both kids and adults laughing aloud with the delicious delivery of his lines. The only thing that did not go off smoothly on opening night was the sound for the production. In the beginning, the sound was a tad too loud, making it difficult to understand the Darling kids and their parents in the nursery scene.

What kids will like: Prior to the show starting, a stage manager comes out and tells kids they are allowed to cheer loudly whenever Peter Pan makes and entrance and boo loudly whenever Captain Hook appears. The interactive nature of the show kept kids in their seats.

What parents will like: Hearing the classic tunes of "I won't grow up!" and "I've got a crow" will make adults nostalgic. And Captain Hook made several adults laugh so hard they almost fell out of their chairs.

Good to know:The show runs for about an hour and ten minutes and there is no intermission, so make sure you take the kids to the restroom before the show starts. Also, Peter Pan is played by girl, which is the tradition for this show (Mary Martin, Cathy Rigby and Sandy Duncan have all played the title role). That prompted a slew of questions from my six- and nine-year-old kids both during and after the show. While I explained why the role usually is played by a girl, my daughter emphatically said afterwards that boys should play boy characters and girls should play girl characters. With Disney putting new Tinkerbell movies out right now, another question I heard in the theatre is why doesn't Tinkerbell talk (she is represented by a green laser light in the show). So just be prepared for these questions, your youngsters might ask.

Peter Pan

Running through May 16

7 p.m. Fridays, 2 and 5 p.m. Saturdays, and 2 p.m. Sundays

Ticket prices $15-$17