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I don't want to pay for parking!

I took my kiddos to the Fort Worth Museum of Science and History today, and noticed all the parking booths, that will be in full operation tomorrow. I have a museum membership for my family and I don't want to pay $5, $3 or even $2 for parking.  I understand that the City of Fort Worth needs to pay for the new parking garage, but why are they making us pay for ALL of the parking around Will Rodgers? Why can't they do it the way the Fort Worth Zoo does it? If you are a member to the zoo; you park for free and if you aren't a member; you pay $5.

I would much rather that the City of Fort Worth work with the Museums to have fundraisers to pay for the new garage, instead of charging us every time we need to park. What happens when they raise enough money to pay for the parking garage? I bet anything that they'll still charge for parking. Grrr!