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Baby on my back

This family is ready for a vacation! And luckily that's just what we have coming up in a few weeks. (If you consider a furlough vacation, which I do! Trying to think positive, anyway.) So we've been searching for an inexpensive way to enjoy our time off and decided to head to Arkansas' Mount Magazine State Park. I've never been to Arkansas, and growing up in Minnesota I can't say I thought I would ever visit. But we've done just about every big hike Texas has to offer, so it's time for us to venture outside our borders.

Before we had a baby, my husband and I loved to hike. We're not just talking short hikes. The longer and higher the better. (He might disagree on the height part. Not all words spoken to me along the trail in Peru were pleasant.) But we've really had to scale things back the last seven months. But thanks to some great friends, we have a pack with a metal frame that's been waiting to carry baby up something high. So far we've only taken her on short walks along the Trinity Trails, so this will be the first time we try for a longer hike with her on our back. (I'll take her on the way back down!)

Has anyone used one of these before? We're curious to see how long she lasts up there before she's tired and wants out. At 7 months old, she's great at holding her head up, but I'm wondering if that'll be a different story after we get a few miles in. Only time will tell, I guess! At least we have a room with a balcony and a view, so if long hikes aren't in the cards, drinks on the balcony certainly will be! And maybe her first swim in the lodge's pool.

So wish us luck on our hike to the highest point in Arkansas, and also on our longest drive to date with the wee one. Let's hope for lot of long naps.