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I'm Back in MY Pants

I won’t get into details, but we’re back down to our family of four. I know I was elated about having someone at home to do my dirty work (really… dusting, dishes, laundry, etc.) but I like my home so much better when I do the mundane things my way (because my way rocks, of course, but really because when I do the laundry, my daughter doesn’t end up with my underwear, my son wearing my daughter's socks and I don’t put on my husband’s jeans Monday morning).


So yes, our home is one person lighter, but it feels so much cleaner, fresher and happier. I was in a negative place for several weeks, as I talked about in my last post, and that seems to be lifted away now. I don’t think it is solely because I went on a facebook-friend-deleting-spree and I don’t think it’s only because we’re back to our own nuclear family at home or even that it’s due to all the things going right in my closest friends’ worlds now again, whereas their lives were in turmoil at the same time as mine — but it’s a culmination of all of that.


Remember in a previous post when I talked about having a family meeting to determine what the kids’ goals and priorities were? I feel like we’re living our lives in-line with those priorities now. Maybe we’ve finally gotten it right.


Who knows how long it will be before the next crisis strikes our family, but I won’t worry about that now. I will enjoy every day that there is not an emergency and continue moving our family forward… with my own jeans on.