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Bump It Up..Author Amy Tara Kosh and Maternity Style

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Have you ever wondered how celebrities seem to look so great while pregnant? Doesn't it seem like no matter where they are, whether it's the red carpet or hanging out around town they seem to look completely pulled together and totally chic? Well, if you are a mom and expecting a child or just had a baby you too can be privy to looking great at half the price!

I  recently had the pleasure of attending a fabulous pregnancy party at the W Hotel in Dallas, TX, featuring author Amy Koch.  Koch was there to promote her fashionable new book Bump It Up Transform your Pregnancy into the Ultimate Style Statement.

Koch's book is a witty, creative, and stylish effort for moms in their first, second, third, and even fourth trimester.  She shows expectant moms how to be hot instead of heinous celebrating one of the most beautiful times in a woman's life.   Amy provides effortless tips on how to turn the pregnancy blues into nine months of maternity moxie.  

With grace and sophistication this book not only tells you how to turn heads while sporting your bump, it provides delicate and detailed illustrations that moms can use as a guide on how to pregnancy style trimester to trimester.  The greatest part of it all is that the book uses the back drop and expertise of some of the nations best designers to include Donna Karan, Issac Mizrahi, Nicole Miller, and Diane Von Furstenberg, furthermore Koch teaches you how to pregnancy posh all without breaking the bank!

As a certified hot mom I must say this book is a winner, after taking Koch's advice  I will look good until the day I give birth and beyond!  Check it out for yourself and get all the greatest tips, chips, and dips in your local bookstore or at 

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