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Meal planning

Between TAKS, SAT and AP exams, we're looking at three straight weeks of testing for my high school junior. I know it helps so much if your student is eating properly. So I'm devising a plan.

A friend of mine suggested that we have the week planned out so that my two sons and husband know what dinner is every night of the week. That way, when I have an event to attend in the evenings, they'll know what to make, heat up, go buy.

I don't know if this has ever happened in your family, but this drives me crazy: I'll get home from an event at 9 in the evening and the boys will be watching TV. I'll ask "What did you have for dinner?" and they'll say, "We haven't eaten yet. What is there?" 

Part of me says this is just laziness on their part. If they're starving, they know how to make a sandwich! This would be a moot point if they know what's on the menu. 

I've devised Monday as Grill night: It can be burgers, steaks, chops, fish. Whatever we have fresh. Tuesday is Spaghetti Night. Thursday is Roast Chicken. Friday is Pizza night, with the addendum that it can be made from scratch (rare!), frozen or ordered from our favorite pizzeria, Perrotti's. At the end of the week, we might even spring for going out.

Now to figure out Wednesday, Saturday and Sunday...Wish me luck.